Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Jatli is a big village in Thesil Gujarkhan District Rawalpindi.It is about 60 Km away from Rawalpindi.

The foundation of Jatli is laid by a person named Jatal.Then it is given to Rai Dalla as a gift for his bravery.After then Mr.Akbar took the possesion of this land.

Generation of jatli:-
Now 7th & 8th generation of Mr.Akbar is living in the villege.Mr Akbar also brought his cousion Mohabat khan with him,his generation is called as "Mottiaa".Another generation which is called "Chaharmia" is also living in it.Their forefather was a poor person which was given fourth part of the crops so they are called as "Chaharmia".

Prominent people:-
Jatli has produced many brave soldier & officers.Some are:
  1. Captian Khan Alam
  2. Sub Maj.Muhamad Fazal
  3. Maj.Muhammad Akbar
  4. Col.Sardar khan
  5. Brig.Muzaffar Ali khan Zahid
  6. Lt.Col Muhammad Yousaf
  7. Maj.Habib (shaheed)
  8. Lt.Col.Munir
  9. DSP Muhammad Yaqoob
  10. Raja Muhammad Yaqoob ( WAPDA)
  11. CH Abdul Rashaid (Plotical member,EX-Chairman of UC Jatli)
  12. CH.Abrar Rashaid (Political member,Naib Nazim of Tehsil Gujarkhan)

Population & Facilities:
According to the census the population of the village is 3000.It has almost 600 houses.All the houses are bricked.
This villege is lucky in having the facilities because some facilties are very old.In which Police station which was established in 1877 and covers 82 small and big villeges of the area.It also has a post office with its own building.The people of this villege avail the facility of the electricity since 1969.There are two high schools for the boys & girls which have highly qualified staff.they shows good results. Telephone exchange also exist here, which provide telephone service.Water supply scheme is providing water to the locality.Mosques, Eidgagh, Grave yard, Bank, Gridstation, Wapda office also exist here.There are many shops where almost every thing is available.The streets are paved and many other facilities are available.